Hawaii is well known as a beach-goers paradise. There are many aspects of travel to Hawaii to love, but the beaches are what keep many travelers coming back year after year.Travelers who are planning to visit Hawaii need to check out these three amazing beaches: Hulopoe Beach on Lanai, Hapuna Beach on the Big Island, and Kaanapali Beach on Maui. The islands are well-serviced by multiple airlines and there is plenty to see and do. In addition to fantastic resorts, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure between relaxing on the beach. We’ve asked our readers to let us know their favorite Hawaiian beaches and would love to hear about yours, too. Share your favorite Hawaiian beach experience and let us know if you agree with our readers’ top picks.

Hulopoe Beach

The southern coast of Lanai is where you will find our readers’ top pick for the best beach in the Hawaiian Islands. This gorgeous stretch of sand is world renowned for its beauty. Be sure to check out the eastern side of the bay during low tide and explore the tide pools and their amazing sea creatures. The protected bay provides amazing sorkeling opportunities throughout the year.

“Our family loves Lanai, and snorkeling at Hulopoe Beach is something that we all enjoy immensely!”Gina L.

“We are active retireees, and love to swim in the protected bay at Hulopoe Beach, the water is crystal clear and very calm.”Jake P.

“My wife and I have traveled all over the world, and the white sand at Hulopoe Beach makes it one of our favorites! We try to return every year!”Terry Linetti

“We really loved the tide pools- the perfect location for snorkleing.”Charlotte B.

Hapuna Beach

Kohala Coast, on the Big Island, is where you will find another Hawaiian beach that is a perennial favorite. Hapuna is the largest on the island, and its calm waters make it a favorite spot for bodysurfing and snorkeling. The soft, white sand provides about a half mile of beach paradise, perfect for relaxing between swimming and snorkeling. Join locals and travelers alike at sundown. If you’re lucky, you may catch the gorgeous green flash of sunset.

“Hawaii has been a destination for our family for decades, and the Big Island is definitely our favorite! Hapuna Beach is still a bit of an undiscovered gem, and it’s still possible to enjoy a day of tranquility there!”Mark Blakely

“My teenage sons love water sports, and my husband and I prefer less strenuous pursuits. Hapuna’s calm waters are perfect for us to float around, and the boys love to snorkel and bodysurf. It’s one of our favorites for sure!”Mandy P.

“I love to avoid crowds and spend a day at the beach in total relaxation, Hapuna Beach is my favorite because of the soft sand and ovearll feeling of tranquility at this spot.”Blake Kammer

Kaanapali Beach

Perhaps the least remote of our top three, Kaanapali is an incredible beach situated right in the heart of Maui. Perhaps the best well-known aspect of this beach is the nightly clifftop lighting of torches by a cliff diver, commemorating King Kahekili. In fact, Kaanapali Beach was long a favorite of the Hawaiian Royals, and is now favored by visiors to the area. The white sand is unrivalled, and there are a lot more amentitites available as compared to many other beaches in Hawaii.

“We go to Maui every Christmas, and always stay at the Hyatt on Kaanapali beach. The sand is luxurious, and we love being able to walk out the hotel door and be on our favorite beach in seconds!”Mary Jensen

“We stayed on Maui for our honeymoon, and hardly left Kaanapali Beach! Everything that you could possibly want for your perfect day in paradise is at your fingertips! We will definitely be back to Maui, and will stay directly on the beach for our next trip!”Andrea D.