Disposable bed pads can bring peace of mind for people who struggle with incontinence, a common health condition among people of all ages. Incontinence is a tough problem to tackle because it can be socially embarrassing for the patient and their loved ones. Bed pads don’t alleviate symptoms, but they can help people with incontinence to be more comfortable at night while protecting their bedding and making cleanups much easier. With this in mind, what are some of the top disposable bed pads for incontinence on the market? The top three disposable bed pads for incontinence are the PREVAIL Premium Super Absorbent Disposable Underpad, the McKesson Ultra Disposable Underpads, and the Wings Quilted PREMIUM COMFORT Underpads Maximum Absorbency.

PREVAIL Premium Super Absorbent Disposable Underpad

The PREVAIL Premium Super Absorbent Disposable Underpad is simply one of the best options on the market. First of all, this pad has super absorbent qualities that are important for preventing pads from leaking urine overnight. This can create a chore for loved ones to clean up the next morning. To reinforce the protection for the bed linens underneath, this pad has an extra layer of plastic on the backside. This is a waterproof back sheet that will protect the bed and the carpet from the liquid contained in the pad. In addition, this pad has a fluffed material with a polymer core. This is the secret behind the absorbent technology and will also make sure the bad is comfortable for whoever has to use it. This is also one of the cheaper options on the market.

“This absorbent pad is a lifesaver and I cannot imagine life without it. I used to leak overnight constantly and this pad would prevent myself and my husband from having to clean up the mess in the morning.” Angela Smith

“I was struggling with incontinence after my bladder surgery and while my doctor told me it would get better, this pad was a great option while I was recovering. It saved me a lot of mess.” Zachary Lucero

“After I had my baby, I was struggling with incontinence due to pelvic floor damage. I was so excited when I heard about this option and I never looked back. What a lifesaver!” Patricia Harris

McKesson Ultra Disposable Underpads

The McKesson Ultra Disposable Underpads come from a healthcare company with a long line of producing quality materials for their customers. The McKesson Ultra Disposable Underpads will simply add to this legacy. These pads have some unique features that set them apart from the competition. First, they are made from a heavy absorbency material that will top any other bed pad in this category. For people that tend to have heavy leaks overnight, this is an option that should not be overlooked. Similar to other pads, they have a plastic, waterproof backing that will add an extra layer of protection to guard the linens underneath. Finally, this pad also breaths overnight to keep people comfortable. They are also a cheap option for those on a tight budget.

“I had a traumatic accident that left me incontinent and I was wondering what I was going to do. The McKesson Ultra Disposable Underpads saved my future and saved me a large amount of trouble.” Christopher Rao

“The McKesson Ultra Disposable Underpads are a great option for anyone that struggles with incontinence. Their waterproof backing will protect the bed overnight.” Taylor Snyder

“I was so happy when I heard about the McKesson Ultra Disposable Underpads. They are one of the cheapest options on the market and are perfect for anyone struggling with incontinence.” David Smith

Wings Quilted PREMIUM COMFORT Underpads Maximum Absorbency

The Wings Quilted PREMIUM COMFORT Underpads Maximum Absorbency have a few features that make them truly unique. In addition to being made out of some of the most absorbent materials on the market, they are also air permeable. This means that people will be able to feel their skin breathe overnight even with the pad in place. In addition, they are made out of a fluffy material that will keep patients comfortable during their use. For people that are having trouble finding an option that works for them, these pads are a little bit different and might provide the answer.

“I was having issues with incontinence after I gave birth to my child. I was looking for a pad that would be comfortable to use and the Wings Quilted PREMIUM COMFORT Underpads Maximum Absorbency were the answer.” Amanda Rudolph

“Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with cancer at an early age and have been struggling with incontinence ever since. I was so excited to give the Wings Quilted PREMIUM COMFORT Underpads Maximum Absorbency and I haven’t looked back.” Jennifer Porter

“Incontinence has been an issue for me for several years and I haven’t found pads that worked for me. I’m so glad I gave these a shot because they were a lifesaver.” Eunice Dryer