Patient lifts are essential for many Americans who live with disabilities or severe mobility issues. Not only do patient lifts help people get in and out of bed, but they also reduce the risk of injury to caretakers and family members who are relied upon for help. There are many different patient lifts on the market, and different models are better for people with different health needs and housing configurations. We have conducted a thorough review of the patient lifts available and the top 3 patient lifts are the P-300 Portable Ceiling Lift, the Hoyer Advance Patient Lift, and the EZ CL650PM Ceiling Lift. Do you have a need for a home patient or ceiling lift? If so, read on to learn more about these top-rated options.

P-300 Portable Ceiling Lift

In terms of portable ceiling patient lifts, the P-300 is one of the more lightweight options. Weighing just 7 pounds, this model is perfect if you need to transfer it from room to room or from home to the rehab center. The lift has a lightweight aluminum frame that keeps the equipment light and portable but also makes it durable. The length of the lift allows users to transfer the patient in and out of bed with most ceiling heights. Finally, the P300 is an affordable option for those who really need to stay within a budget.

“I was struggling to find a lift that my husband and I could afford but still offer the safety you require when you are caring for a loved one. The P-300 really helped improve our quality of life.” Jessica Richardson

“As I got older and was caring for my wife, I really needed to find a low-weight lift that I could manage. Now I can safely move her around with the risk of injury to her or myself.” Jack Amber

“I was constantly traveling back and forth from my home to the rehab center and my friends and family were forced to carry the heavy lift. This model makes me feel like a major burden has been lifted off my friends and family.” Mary Page

Hoyer Advance Patient Lift

If you have large obstacles to work around or difficult spaces to maneuver, then the Hoyer Advanced Patient lift may be for you. It has a unique swan-like neck that allows you to move it around in rooms with strange corners and large furniture. In addition, if you are looking for a lift that is flexible around armchairs and wheelchairs, this model has an easy to use leg pedal that opens the width easily. The Hoyer Advance also easily folds up for storage so you do not need to have it taking up space all the time.

“As a caregiver, I was struggling to move the old lift around the bulky furniture. I did some research and presented this option to my boss and she was happy to make the switch. I am happy to report my patient and I are much happier now.” Heather Lewis

“Living in a small city apartment, I was always trying to figure out ways to hide the lift when guests came over. Now that I have the Hoyer Advance I am able to quickly fold it up and get it in a closet out of sight.” Amanda Doyle

“As my MS progressed, I realized I would soon need assistance to get from my bed to my wheelchair. The Hoyer Advance was a life safer and I am able to easily move from my bed.” Justin Nilsson

EZ CL650PM Ceiling Lift

The EZ CL650PM Lift can handle patients who need the highest level of weight capacity. This model is built to handle 650 lbs of weight. Another unique feature of this lift is that it has a curtain pass-through feature which can save you thousands of dollars when installing a ceiling track. This model is battery operated and has a low battery protection signal. It has other additional safety features such as an emergency stop and over current protection.

“Caring for an overweight patient is stressful without a proper lift. As a caregiver, whenever I am hired to care for an obese individual, I require the EZ lift before signing a contract. It makes the patient’s life more enjoyable and I am able to lift the patient without jeopardizing my safety.” Abbey Lawrence

“As a hospital worker, the challenge of maneuver lifts around curtains was always a difficult one. The EZ lift solves that problem with ease and saves the hospital plenty of money to focus more on patient care initiatives.” Dr. Jon McCarter

“As an overweight individual, it was a struggle to get out of bed and do the necessary activities I needed to do in order to start losing weight. The EZ lift allows me to get out of bed each day and slowly I am becoming more and more active.” Jesse Polk