Do you want to quit smoking? Many smokers are able to successfully kick the habit thanks to some helpful smoking cessation aids. Smoking is chemically addictive, which is why quitting cold-turkey can be so difficult. These products help people quit smoking by either curbing urges to smoke or by providing the body with Nicotine in a controlled, non-harmful manner. If you, a friend or a loved one is looking to quit, then these products can help make that goal a reality. The three smoking cessation products we’re highlighting today are NicoDerm CQ, Nicorette Gum, and Nicotrol. Read on to learn how these products help people quit smoking for good.

NicoDerm CQ

First we’ll review NicoDerm CQ. Commonly referred to as “the patch,” NicoDerm CQ is a nicotine-infused patch that slowly lets nicotine be absorbed into the skin. When worn as directed, this treatment satisfies nicotine urges without the need to smoke. In addition, NicoDerm’s instructions call for the patches to be worn for shorter durations over time, slowly relieving smokers from their chemical dependencies. Assuming no corners are cut, smokers can eventually stop using NicoDerm with no further cravings for nicotine! These patches are available over the counter.

“I’ve quit smoking twice, and I used NicoDerm each time. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to quit.”Tara B.

“I like NicoDerm because it’s easy to get and incredibly low-key.”Tyler J.

“Don’t smoke if you’re wearing a NicoDerm patch! I did, and I felt really sick for awhile.”Renee A.


Nicorette gum is right up there with NicoDerm as the most popular options to help people quit smoking. It works like this—if you feel like smoking, pop a piece of Nicorette instead! The gum contains enough nicotine to satisfy cravings, and people who have intense cravings can have more than one piece of gum! Like NicoDerm, this gum is easily found and is highly effective. It is also inexpensive, which is a plus for people who don’t quit smoking quickly.

“Nicorette is simple to use and it tastes good, too.”Brandy H.

“I prefer the patch to the gum, but this is still a good option for people who only experience occasional cravings.”Nicole C.

“I quit smoking using Nicorette gum. I wish it came in more flavors, but I can’t complain about how well it works.”Trista M.


Nicotrol is a special inhaler that can only be obtained with a doctor’s prescription. Using this inhaler, smokers can inhale nicotine directly into their lungs. Nicotrol is a more expensive treatment than Nicorette or NicoDerm, but it’s also the most powerful way to quell urges to smoke. It’s not for everyone, though; people who have heart disease or other health issues may not be eligible to use it safely. There is a savings program for Nicotrol, and your doctor can help you learn whether you qualify for those savings or whether this inhaler is right for you.

“Tried the gum and the patch, but I couldn’t quit until I got a Nicotrol prescription. This stuff really works.”Jared C.

“Nicotrol is powerful! One puff, and my urge to smoke is gone.”Dave E.

“My doctor just prescribed this to me. I really hope it works! I haven’t had much luck quitting in the past.”Corwin A.