Luxury mattresses are designed to give a more comfortable night’s rest than ordinary models. Some luxury mattresses use a mixture of coil designs to create an interlinking spring system, while others use memory foam to support a person’s weight. Latex mattresses also help people get a good night’s sleep and this type of material is quickly gaining in popularity. The best mattresses are those that provide great comfort while minimizing the use of dangerous chemicals in the making of the mattresses. The top three choices for luxury mattresses are the Saatva Innerspring mattress, Amerisleep Revere memory foam mattress, and the Plushbeds latex mattress. If you’re on the market for a new luxury mattress, read on to learn more about these top-rated options.

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress uses an innerspring coil system that rivals much more expensive brands. There are two sets of coils that are placed on top of one another. This gives the Saatva mattress a firm yet soft feel. You won’t sink too low or stay too high while sleeping on the mattress. The Saatva mattresses are CertiPUR certified since Saatva avoids using a lot of volatile organic compounds and other dangerous chemicals. This makes the mattress safer to sleep on. Saatva also has a unique warranty. You can use the mattress for up to 75 days to see if you like it or not. If you don’t, Saatva will take back the mattress and return your money.

“I never thought they could make a mattress so good. My wife and I have been sleeping peacefully together ever since we brought one home. I also like that I don’t have to worry about breathing in nasty chemicals while I sleep. Thanks, Saatva!” Gordon MacNeil

“I spent hours going to stores looking for the right mattress. The first time I stretched out on a Saatva mattress in a store I knew I found the right mattress for me and I haven’t been disappointed. Thanks.” Shirley Eagan

“Some mattresses are too hard and some are too soft, but my Saatva mattress is just right. I I can’t believe how comfortable it is.” Thadeus Saskowski

Amerisleep Mattress

Amerisleep uses a mixture of foam products to make its mattresses. The top layer is made out of Bio-Pur foam. This type of foam not only provides comfort, but it solves one of the biggest drawbacks to memory foam mattresses, it absorbs your body heat so you don’t get too warm and uncomfortable while you sleep. Amerisleep uses a polyethylene terephthalate product that interacts with the natural infrared light naturally produced by your body to increase the amount of blood flow in your body as you sleep. This helps you to relax and have a good sleep. The bottom part of the mattress uses Bio-Core foam. Bio-foam is a thicker foam material that gives your body support so you don’t sink down into the mattress.

“Space age technology has brought us a lot of good stuff – including this Amerisleep foam mattress. I just feel better in the morning and my body doesn’t ache as much as it used to in the mornings. I’ll never go back to an old-fashioned mattress.” Charles Heaton

“I like a mattress that feels like it’s wrapped around my body. It helps me sleep better and get a good night’s rest. I never feel drowsy at work anymore and I can get more work done.” John Morrisey

“My old mattress remembered where all the bumps were, but this one remembers where my body goes. I like it and I’m never going back, and neither is my wife.” Randy Jordan

Plushbeds Latex Mattress

Plushbeds are made using natural latex and are GreenGuard certified. GreenGuard certified means that the mattresses are made with a minimal amount of volatile organic compounds, flame retardant materials, and other chemicals that can seep into the air and lungs while you sleep. Latex also has more spring to it than a memory foam bed while also provided a comfortable sleep. Latex is the new kid on the block when it comes to luxury mattresses, but more and more people are finding that a Plushbeds mattress is the best all-around natural latex mattress for comfort and safety.

“I never knew latex could feel so good. I mean, I use latex to paint my walls and I never thought that it could be used to make a soft mattress. This mattress is absolutely incredible.” Scott Henson

“I’d been searching for a new mattress ever since my last one sunk down in the middle and started hurting my back. I’m happy with the firmness this mattress offers and so does my back.” Lorenzo Alexander

“Who would have thought that making a mattress out of latex would work out so well. I don’t know who did, but I’m glad they did. I love my mattress.” Terry Barna