Streaming services are all the rage. Everyone you know probably has at least one streaming account, or probably both Netflix and Hulu Plus. But there are plenty of other awesome streaming services with different features, content, and pricing structures that may be more up your alley. Check out all the best alternative streaming services and read fellow streamers’ testimonials about them below.


Crackle is a streaming movie service owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Unlike its competitors, this service is completely free. No fees, no subscriptions, nada. While its movies aren’t as current as what you might find on Netflix, you will find many Hollywood flicks. Crackle signed a deal with NBCUniversal for exlusive rights on 140 movies for 3 years, so you won’t find them anywhere else. They also offer their own original productions like Jerry Seinfeld’s show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which airs exclusively on this streaming service.

“Free and funny. Seinfeld’s show brought me to Crackle, and it has been good to me.”CharlieHarley188

“There are a ton of ads on Crackle, but that’s what you get for a free service. The movies are great though.”Mindy Phillips

“If you feel like you’ve already seen everything on Netflix, give Crackle a go. There’s a lot of good stuff on it, and there aren’t that many overlaps with Netflix content either.”Terrence P.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon has quickly picked up its pace as a worthy competitor in the streaming media realm. Like Netflix, Amazon has begun producing its own award-winning TV shows and films that have helped it stand out in the streaming media industry. They also have a thorough library of movies and series. Amazon Prime members are able to watch many of these titles for free, while other users may need to purchase a rental for individual episodes or movie at a cost of about half of what it would be at the movie theater. Many movie titles arrive here first for rental before becoming available on Netflix.

“As a prime member, Amazon Instant Video has been amazing. So many shows are free! Great for binging.”Betty C.

“I’m not a big Netflix person, as I usually don’t have time to watch much. But this service has been great for renting movies that just stopped playing in theaters.”Jamie Edwin

“We love Amazon and do all our shopping with them, so it just makes sense for us to use this streaming service, too. They have everything we could ever want!”Wendy Jamison

Sling TV

Founded by the Dish Network, Sling TV allows you to watch live TV streaming to your devices for the nominal price of $20/month, which is significantly less than the cost of cable. It even allows watching shows a few days after they have already aired. Common channels include IFC, CNN, the Food Network, and more. Premium channels such as HBO and Cinemax can be added for an extra fee.

“We love watching live TV but it cost too much with cable, so we got Sling. Never going back!”Johnson West

“This was a great Netflix alternative for me and my wife. Binging shows just isn’t healthy for us, but this stuff is perfect.”Seamus M.

“The kids hardly notice the difference between this and our old cable TV, but our monthly bill sure does.”Shira Sachs