Once again, the 2017 Ford F-150 leads the pickup market in the new model year. For more than two decades, the Ford F-150 pickup truck has set the bar for power, reliability, and safety, establishing itself as the truck against which all others are measured. The latest edition promises to add to this legacy. However, as the editions roll on, the options become more and more numerous. This can make it challenging for truck buyers to settle on one of the F-150’s exciting configurations. What of the F-150’s trim levels is best for your needs? If you’re interested in taking this truck for a test drive, then read on to learn more about the F-150’s trim levels, improvements and options.

Ford F-150 Basic Trim

The F-150’s base model is perfect for folks looking to minimize their costs while still receiving Ford-level quality. The basic trim, also called the XL, offers the ability to choose from various cab and box sizes. It also comes with headlights, air conditioning, and airbags. The air conditioning is manually controlled and is a single climate zone system. It comes with a power inverter and a productivity screen that details important information to the driver and passengers. It also comes with an auxiliary audio input jack for people to connect their phones and audio devices. The XL also comes with cruise control to make highway driving easier.

“I was looking for a pickup truck that would fit my budget yet not sacrifice on the quality essentials that I have come to love with Ford. The Ford F-150 XL met my expectations.”Craig Denard

“The Ford F-150 is a quality truck that has the power to get my equipment to and from work every day. With the roads I drive on, power is important. This truck has plenty of it.”Chris Anderson

“I love that this truck has an audio input jack and a productivity screen. This allows me to rock out to my music and tailor my driving to ensure I am maximizing the potential of my truck.”Doris Johnson

Ford F-150: Upper Trims

The upper trims of the Ford F-150 are the XLT, the Lariat, the King Ranch, the Platinum, the Limited and the Raptor. Most of these trims come with dual-zone automatic temperature control, colission warnings, hitch assist, adjustable seats and improved interior upholstery. The Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum trims offer luxury features such as bucket seats, seat heating, leather surfaces and aluminum trim accents. Then there’s the Raptor trim, which is similar to the XLT trim but more geared for off-road use with a unique four-wheel drive system, skid plates, off-road tires, a different suspension and more. While the basic XL trim is great for everyday truck use, the upper trims of the Ford F-150 make this truck into something entirely different.

“I have this problem with my kids that involves the temperature of the truck. The dual zone climate control system makes this a problem of the past. Now everyone is happy in my truck!”Deborah Smith

“With prior models, I have struggled mightily with connecting equipment to the hitch of my truck. With the hitch assist, I can always connect my additional loads on the first attempt!”Kimberly Wayne

“The fade-to-off interior lighting with this Ford F-150 is a nice feature that accents the additions made to this truck. This model has completely exceeded my expectations.”William Muffet

Ford F-150: Engine Options

With every model of Ford F-150, people have the option to select the kind of engine that is right for them. They all come with different power ratings and different fuel efficiencies. The basic model is the 2.7 L Ecoboost V6 engine. It has a lower horsepower and torque rating than the others but also features a higher fuel economy. There is a larger version of this engine that is 3.5 L. This means that the horsepower and torque are slightly higher but the fuel economy is slightly lower. This might be more appropriate for people who need this additional power. Finally, there is also a high-output version of this engine. It has a low-pressure port that increases the power output. It hurts the gas mileage but has over 450 horsepower compared to 375 and 325 for the other two models, respectively.

“I was curious as to what the difference was when I moved to the high output engine; however, the difference is instantly noticeable. Everything I connect is moved by my truck!”Zubin Brown

“The engine on the Ford F-150 is one of the most powerful I have ever used. I can feel the power in the steering wheel as I’m driving.”J.T. Williams

“This is a truly impressive engine and I love the ability to customize its power. This allows me to strike a balance between fuel economy and horsepower.”Matthew Meynard